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Calum Carswell is a Scottish composer of contemporary classical music – his compositional voice seeks to elicit a deep sense of beauty from listeners by shaping rich timbres that embody emotional depth, which critics have described as “mystic and rather seductive”. As a neurodivergent, Calum’s compositional craft stands out, offering the listener a unique perspective of the world around them.



Choirs help us connect with God. Let's bring them back to our churches.

Calum's op-ed on the role of choirs in contemporary worship was recently published in the Premier Christianity.


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The Headless Population animation project premiered on BBC Four in April 2020. I was privileged enough to be asked to compose the soundtrack which was a joy! You can watch it on the link below from 17'03 to 19'40. Enjoy

A piece of mine Letter from the front was featured on Colo Volante's critically acclaimed album New Choral Voices Vol. 3. The piece seeks to explore the emotional conflict felt by soldiers in the trenches of world war one. The song is available on iTunes and Spotify.

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